Prescription Motorcycle Goggles

Prescription Motorcycle Goggles

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For Motorcycle Riders That Wear Glasses

by. . . Leonard Maggiore, Opticians
est. 1936

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Introducing the Silver Cross Motorcycle Goggles - True World Class Quality Goggles



This handsome well fitting goggle was originally designed for the R.A.F. as an open cockpit flying

 goggle. It is now considered standard equipment for the avid motorcyclist. The Silver Cross Goggle can be worn  with or without a helmet. It features an adjustable heavy-duty elastic strap that can be worn over or under the helmet. All lenses are laminated highly scratch resistant safety glass. All goggles are shipped complete and ready to wear !


Get the fullest enjoyment from riding
your motorcycle with enhanced vision


Prescription goggles complete with clear lenses: $299.90
With photo-grey lenses - add: $90.00
With Bifocals - add: $60.00


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Tel. International: (913) 710-6022

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Leonard Maggiore, Opticians, Est. 1936

Is the inventor of the Prescription Dive Mask in 1959. We invented the Prescription Flying Goggle and the Prescription Motorcycle Goggle in 1979. We have been making Prescription Shooting Glasses since 1939. We have shipped our Specialty Optical Products to customers in all 50 states and more than 40 foreign countries. Our Specialty Optical Products are used by the U.S. Military, U.S. Army Engineers, and the Smithsonian Institution.  Please see all of our Prescription Sport Eyewear

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